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Access WSJ.com With Your Library Card!

New! Access WSJ.com, The Wall Street Journal’s website, for free with your library card!

To access- just click on the link on the Online Resources page, enter your library card number, and log in or create a WSJ account. You will then have full access to WSJ.com for 3 days (72 hours). After your 3 days are up, just click on the link on the Online Resources page again, log in with your same account and you will have access for another 3 days.

For Needham residents only.

Questions? Contact a Reference Librarian at 781-455-7559 ext. 502.

PS. Looking for more digital newspapers? The Needham Library also has access to the NYTimes.com! Just click the link for the NYTimes.com on the Online Resources page. Similar to WSJ.com, you will have to redeem another “access code” every 3 days.