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Flemenco for Every/body

Learn the dance & story of the art of flamenco with Eve from Always be Dancing.   For ages 5 and up.

Flamenco embraces ALL: abilities, body types, ages! It captivates the attention and challenges the body, mind and emotional intelligence to connect. Flamenco can be done standing up or sitting down, with limbs that move and limbs that don’t, with the very young and the very old and with the small and the large. Flamenco can reach every/body as it is not solely reliant on the physical form, but includes stimulation of all of the senses, to bring the dance into the body, mind and spirit. With its electric energy, the fierce rhythms, soulful guitars and its smoldering passion, flamenco has the power to draw people in, ready to strike a pose, stomp their feet and shout ¡Olé!

Download Eve’s free booklet with flamenco crafts and more at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XcyTShngYSOxLICYc5DFTXUZiAYnDZ8Y/view?usp=sharing

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