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Jumpstart Your Financial Future

Jumpstart Your Financial Future- Financial Literacy Workshops for Young Adults

Presented by the Needham Free Public Library in collaboration with the Babson Financial Literacy Project, & the Woburn, Wellesley, Framingham, and Somerville Public Libraries.

Virtual on Zoom

Do you want to learn more about how to manage your finances? Are you just getting started out on your own? Did you just get a new job and need help figuring out how to save for retirement? Did you just get a new credit card and have no idea how to manage it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this workshop series is for you! Aimed at young adults ages 18-25, this series of 4 workshops will help you acquire the necessary financial knowledge and skills for long-term independence and prosperity!

Workshop #1: Tips & Tricks to Managing Your Credit

Tuesday, January 11th 7-8 PM

Credit cards offer convenience and can be a huge help to building a credit profile, but they can also be a source of misuse. This workshop provides insights on how to manage credit cards, their hidden costs, and tips to avoid credit card traps. Learn about credit reports and credit scores and what steps you can take to improve your financial standing.

Workshop #2: Managing Your Money to Build Your Best Life

Tuesday, February 8th 7-8 PM


Paying your bills should be a top financial priority for everyone. Of course, most of us also want some extra money for a major purchase, dream of owning a home or want to retire comfortably. This workshop will help you learn how to budget your money and start building a nest egg for your future.

Workshop #3: Decisions! Decisions!

Tuesday, March 8th 7-8 PM


When you start a new job, some of your first decisions may be about saving for retirement and choosing a health insurance plan. How much should I put into my retirement account? Which investments should I choose? Which health insurance plan will serve my needs and be affordable? The choices can be daunting. Join us to gain some important insights on how to make these essential decisions.

Workshop #4: Protecting You and Your Assets

Tuesday, April 12th 7-8 PM


Life as an independent adult can feel complicated and overwhelming. How can you be ready for the challenges ahead? This workshop will help you organize and prepare for your adult life!

About the Babson Financial Literacy Project

The BFLP is a not-for-profit initiative designed to help young adults acquire the necessary financial knowledge and skills for long-term independence and prosperity. Being financially savvy in today’s complicated world is challenging. Most young adults do not receive financial education and are left to their own devices to make financial decisions. Many overspend, take on too much debt, and don’t think about planning for the future. The BFLP prepares young adults to manage their financial futures through engaging, interactive workshops that teach highly relevant financial lessons in a community setting.

Note that this workshop is aimed at people ages 18 – 25, but if you are in need or are curious about Financial tips and tricks, please do not hesitate to register and participate.

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