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True-Crime Podcasting with Diane Godfrey and Jordan Rich

True-Crime Podcasting with Diane Godfrey and Jordan Rich

Tuesday, January 18th at 7:30 PM on Zoom

Join Diane Godfrey, court reporter, and cohost Jordan Rich of WBZ Radio as they discuss True Crime in Massachusetts, podcasting, and their podcast All Rise.

As a court reporter, Diane Godfrey takes you on a wild ride through her 30 year career in courthouses throughout the Massachusetts Judicial System. A rare opportunity and unique perspective regaled from a fly on the wall. She felt it, she saw it, she heard it, she lived it, she typed it.

Jordan Rich has been a staple in the Boston broadcasting industry for decades. As the host of WBZ AM 1030 Radio’s The Jordan Rich Show, his warm style and comforting voice reached listeners across the nation and beyond. As a nationally recognized voice-over artist, he’s the voice of numerous businesses, organizations, and charities as well as audiobooks. And, his voice-over classes have launched the careers of many in the field. 

Sponsored by the Library Foundation of Needham.

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