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BrainFuse HelpNow

Brainfuse HelpNow offers one-to-one live online tutoring sessions with an expert tutor for all ages, Kindergarten to adult, in English and Spanish.  Brainfuse offers homework help, writing lab assistance, targeted skills building, test prep, video lessons and study tools.  All for free with a Needham library card!

Multnomah County Library Homework Center
Browse through the homework topics that provide links to informative websites.

Kid Space @ the Internet Public Library
Look up reference questions, browse different subjects, learn how to make crafts, and lots more.

Get help with math, science, government questions, & play some trivia on this educational homework help website.

Info Please
Need a little bit of information on a lot of different geographical or historical questions? This is the website for you. Find an interactive Atlas and world disasters all on the same site. Check their “Top Ten” list for gems such as “Best Countries for Mothers”.

Kids Infobits* (*in library use) Search for information about a variety of subjects, including animals, plants, transportation, and more.

Three Branches of the United States Government: Information on the Legislative, Judicial and Executive Branches.

Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
Find information about the different aspects of the U.S. government. This site is organized according to grade level from K-12.

Ranger Rick at Home National Wildlife Federation
Find information about wildlife, global warming, and nature. There are also educational games and activities.

The U.S. Legal System: The Three Branches Of Government:
What are the branches and how do they work? What does a government representative do? Learn this and more!