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The Art of Daniel Callahan – June 2024

At Needham Free Public Library – June 2024
Daniel Callahan - Cape Elizabeth
Daniel Callahan - Babbling Brook in Spring
Daniel Callahan - A Maine Lake
Daniel Callahan - Togetherness
Daniel Callahan - Summer at Wellesley College
Daniel Callahan - Stream in the Needham Town Forest
Daniel Callahan - Iceland
Daniel Callahan - Mesmerized
Daniel Callahan - Mexican Treats
Daniel Callahan - Monarchs
Daniel Callahan - Overlooking Bay of Fundy
Daniel Callahan - Back Cove in Portland
Daniel Callahan - Sunrise Kaleidoscope
Daniel Callahan - Storm Coming at Dusk
Daniel Callahan - Great Meadows Refuge in Concord
Daniel Callahan - Great Brook Farm in Carlisle
Daniel Callahan - Hidden Stairway
Daniel Callahan - Elm Bank Garden
Daniel Callahan - Concord Life
Daniel Callahan - Early to Rise
Daniel Callahan - Bike Path in the Needham Town Forest
Daniel Callahan - Babbling Brook
Daniel Callahan - Time to Head Home
Daniel Callahan - Being Watched
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Connect with the Artist:

Phone:  781-530-0905
Email:  danfcal@hotmail.com

The Art of Daniel Callahan – June 2024

Artist Statement

I am largely a self-taught artist, painting for over thirty five years. My participation in many art workshops and involvement in the Needham Art Association have contributed to my knowledge, style and ability.

My aim in painting is to explore and express the mysteries of shape and color that exist in nature. I attempt to capture the unique character of a place which requires patience and keen observation. I think of the concept of “genius loci” which in classical Roman religion was the guardian spirit of a place. This now thought of in art and architecture as the mystical, unique and intangible qualities of atmosphere and character of a place.

A lifelong resident of Needham, I find most of my subjects in places that I explore locally and in occasional travels.

Please complete and submit an application. It may be found by clicking on the link above. The application must be returned to Gay Ellen Dennett, along with an example of the work (website, photos, thumbdrive with artwork on it, etc) for consideration by the Art Committee. For further inquiries, please contact Gay Ellen Dennett at 781-455-7559 x 223.

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