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Sojourns in New England: A Photographic Tribute by Fine Art Photographer Thomas Gaitley

At Needham Free Library – January 2022
Thomas Gaitley - Ember Light
Thomas Gaitley - Blue Tree Play
Thomas Gaitley - St. Mary of Stamford Rosetta
Thomas Gaitley - Cerulean Straitsmouth
Thomas Gaitley - Dinghy Heaven
Thomas Gaitley - The Mountaineer on the Frankenstein Trestle
Thomas Gaitley - Around The Bend
Thomas Gaitley - Red and Gold
Thomas Gaitley - Northern Red
Thomas Gaitley - Ponham Pot of Gold
Thomas Gaitley - Night Brambles and Milky Way at Nauset Light
Thomas Gaitley - The Cranberry Harvest
Thomas Gaitley - The Grist Mill
Thomas Gaitley - Autumn Day at Sleepy Hollow Farm
Thomas Gaitley - Fostering Sunset
Thomas Gaitley - The Tempest of Teddy and Minot Ledge Light
Thomas Gaitley - Invading Green Crab
Thomas Gaitley - Urchin Glow
Thomas Gaitley - The Eyes Have It
Thomas Gaitley - Water Ballet
Thomas Gaitley - Spider Crab
Thomas Gaitley - Sunflowers and Sunset at Colby Farms
Thomas Gaitley - Walking on Shells
Thomas Gaitley - Duality of Motif No. 1
Thomas Gaitley - Who Are You Looking At?
Thomas Gaitley - Whaleback and the Worm Moon
Thomas Gaitley - The Charles, Duck Boats and Boston's Back Bay
Thomas Gaitley - Whorls of Tentacles
Thomas Gaitley - Screw Auger Falls in Fog
Thomas Gaitley - Fall Beneath the Water Lilies
Thomas Gaitley - Waterline at Nubble Lighthouse
Thomas Gaitley - By A Nose
Thomas Gaitley - Red Gilled Nudibranch
Thomas Gaitley - Wildflowers and Wildfire Sky
Thomas Gaitley - Blue Tree - The Final Year
Thomas Gaitley - Fluke Wave
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Connect with the Artist:

To purchase art, please visit his website as there are multiple formats and sizes to choose from for each image. QR codes can be found on the title cards for the exhibit that will take you directly to the page.

Thomas Gaitley

Artist Statement

I became a photographer during my sophomore year of college while majoring in geology when my father gave me his prized first camera: an Olympus OM-1. My love of photography, and scuba diving and my passion for earth sciences have been intertwined ever since. The images I create reflect this multi-disciplinary obsession with an emphasis on the patterns and textures of rocks and sediments and the boundaries between earth, water and light. These natural interactions have a powerful influence on my images.

My life has brought me to beautiful places in the world: living as a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa, trekking in remote areas of India, Nepal, New Zealand and Australia; extended road trips throughout North America; or working with clients across Europe. I’m grateful for these opportunities to experience the diversity of the world’s people, landscapes and animals.

I use composition, perspective, lighting and vantage points to isolate the elements of a scene and create a sense of depth and texture. I view photography as art and use an array of techniques and tools to remove distracting elements and to emphasize and enhance those most captivating.

I love the power, complexity and beauty of nature. When I am viewing a scene and trying to understand my emotional response -hoping to understand and isolate what drives my interest and attachment to it -I become a part of the moment that I am trying to capture. I do my best work when I am fully immersed in the process of planning, traveling to and experiencing the wonder of the environment around me. This often means spending long hours in the field -wet, cold and muddy but exhilarated. The fact that I produce some of my best work in these challenging conditions is fundamental to my art. My goal is to present fine art photographs that bring visual elements together into one consistent, honorable and uncompromising vision that conveys my feelings of the moment -when a vision is most familiar.

Please complete and submit an application. It may be found by clicking on the link above. The application must be returned to Gay Ellen Dennett, along with an example of the work (website, photos, disc with artwork on it, etc) for consideration by the Art Committee. For further inquiries, please contact Gay Ellen Dennett at 781-455-7559 x 223.

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