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The Art of Maxim Tulebaev

At Needham Free Public Library – September 2023
Maxim Tulebaev - Needham Free Public Library
Maxim Tulebaev - A Day's Work at Dusk
Maxim Tulebaev - Rustic Dwelling
Maxim Tulebaev - A Piece of Summer
Maxim Tulebaev - Floral Aroma
Maxim Tulebaev - Wooded Countryside
Maxim Tulebaev - A Friend in the Forest
Maxim Tulebaev - Frivolous Lake
Maxim Tulebaev - Minuteman's Seasons
Maxim Tulebaev - Autumn's Gift
Maxim Tulebaev - Golden Forest
Maxim Tulebaev - Sunset Dock
Maxim Tulebaev - Premonition
Maxim Tulebaev - Frosty Night
Maxim Tulebaev - Spring's Touch
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Connect with the Artist:

The Art of Maxim Tulebaev

Artist Statement

Maxim Tulebaev, born in 2012, is a young artist from Needham, MA. Currently a student at Mitchell Elementary School, Maxim’s passion for art began as soon as he could hold a pencil. Under the mentorship of Elena Sirota at her Art Studio, he has honed his skills in both painting and drawing. This exhibition marks an exciting milestone: Maxim’s first public showcase.
Maxim is inspired by the world around him, from the natural landscapes of Massachusetts to the bustling life of his community. He often uses bold colors and varying textures to capture the essence of his subjects. His work is a vibrant exploration of his young yet keen observations of the world.
His sister Anya has contributed her creative ideas to name some of his art pieces. Through his art, Maxim seeks to share his unique perspective and invites viewers to see the world through his eyes.

Please complete and submit an application. It may be found by clicking on the link above. The application must be returned to Gay Ellen Dennett, along with an example of the work (website, photos, thumbdrive with artwork on it, etc) for consideration by the Art Committee. For further inquiries, please contact Gay Ellen Dennett at 781-455-7559 x 223.

Art Gallery Forms (PDF)

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