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Trustees of the Needham Free Public Library

The Trustees of the Needham Free Public Library consists of seven elected community members who collaborate with the Library Director to determine  policy, oversee the Library’s financial health, develop long-range strategic goals, and conduct outreach to the community, among other duties described in the Trustee Bylaws.

The Trustees meet monthly on the second Tuesday of each month for approximately two hours beginning at 7:00 p.m.  In addition to attending monthly meetings to discuss policy and Library finances, Trustees communicate with the Needham public about the Library’s many services and may be asked to  participate in subcommittees or advisory groups, take on an officer position on the board or provide leadership for organizing cultural events such as art exhibits and speaker series.  

In Memoriam for Richard C. “Rick” Hardy 

It is with deep regret that we acknowledge the passing of Richard C. Hardy, long-time member of the Trustees of the Needham Free Public Library on March 8, 2022. He served on the Needham Historical Commission, advocating for the preservation of historic buildings. Rick believed in education for all and volunteered to teach ESL classes for Needham community members, and was strongly committed to social justice values. He will be deeply missed.


  • Second Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m., Needham Free Public Library
  • Trustees of the Needham Free Public Library recorded meetings on Youtube.
  • Trustees of the Needham Free Public Library Minutes on the Town of Needham website.


The elected board of trustees consisting of seven members:

  • Kathleen Cahill Allison, Chair
  • Anna Giraldo-Kerr, Vice Chair
  • Jay M. Fialkov, Secretary
  • Thomas M. Harkins
  • Robert Petitt
  • Carol J. Thomas
  • Erhardt Graeff

Responsibilities of the Trustees of the Needham Free Public Library

  • Determine Library policies in consultation with the Library Director.
  • Adopt Trustee Bylaws for board procedures.
  • Attend and participate in all regular meetings.
  • Review reports; solicit information; obtains feedback from the community and personally uses the Library.
  • Advise the Director in preparation of the library budget.
  • Analyze the community and considers the strengths and the weaknesses of Library service.
  • Approve goals, adopts both short and long-range plans for Library growth.
  • Actively support a budget for adequate Library funding.
  • Keep informed of the financial status, funding sources, and needs of the Library.
  • Undertake special fundraising programs to raise money for the Library.
  • Read trustee materials and Library-related publications.
  • Provide planned orientation for new Trustees.
  • Attend local, state, and national trustee or Library-related meetings whenever possible.

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