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We now have a 3D printer in the children’s room and are accepting printing jobs! 

You can model a design with free software such as tinkercad or vectary.  

Please fill out the form below and bring in your design on a USB drive. Please note that models to be printed cannot be bigger than 5″L x 5″W x 5″H.  

You can read the library’s 3D printer policy here

3D Printing Requests

Submit this form with 3D printing requests. A librarian will be in contact with you when your 3D print is ready to be picked up. Please bring the file on a USB drive to the Library. Adults please bring the USB to the Reference desk; Children and families may submit their USB at the Children's desk. Questions? Call the Library at 781-455-7559 ext. 204 or email neechild@minlib.net.
Filament Type(Required)
ABS is strong, resilient, durable and offers a high-degree of heat resistance. PLA (biodegradable) is good for objects with flat surfaces and hard angles. Not recommended for thin, high strength applications.
Choose one color:(Required)
The 3D printer can only do a single colored object. Not all colors are available all the time.
15% infill is standard and will be used for most designs. Request a customized infill percentage here; otherwise standard will be used.
I have read the 3D Printer policy and agree to abide by it.(Required)
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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