What can we help you find?

The library offers many robotics resources for in-library use. Here are some websites to help guide your activities:

Code and Go Mouse

Programming a Code and Go Mouse

Dot and Dash

Dot and Dash Robots are programmed using an app on an iPad or smartphone. The Library has 3 iPads that can be used with a library card at times when the STEAM Room is supervised. If you have your own iPad or smartphone you can download the free app on your device at the Apple Store for Apple products or Google Play for Android devices. You are welcome to use the robots with your own devices at any time. The apps are: Blocky, Go, Path, Wonder and Xylo. Go, Path and Xylo are the best apps for children 6-8 years old. Wonder and Blocky are best for children ages 8 and up. Blocky is a lot like using Scratch, which is taught in the Needham Schools. 

Welcome to the Wonder League – Solve new challenges, show off your code, and see what other kids around the world are doing with Dash & Dot!

Lego Mindstorm EV3 Robot

The Library also has a LEGos Mindstorm EV3 Robot. To program this robot you can use a library iPad with a library card at times when the STEAM center is supervised, or you can download the EV3 Programmer App on your own tablet and use the Robot anytime the STEAM center is open. The Legos Mindstorm Robot is most appropriate for children in Grades 5-6.

Learn to program Legos Mindstorm

How to create your first program

How to make your robot move

How to make your robot react

How to make your robot drive


Using Ozobots

Ozobot Play

Sparki Robot

Coding Lesson for Sparki Robot

Coding Sparki